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DFONT file format

DfontSplitter (Windows, Mac OS)
Apple Font Book (Mac OS)
DescriptionDFONT was created as a font wrapper for Apple Macintosh computers running the Mac OS X. Unlike what applies in older versions of Mac operating systems, the font is stored as part of a data file instead of being buffered concurrently to the processor as part of operational instructions. DFONT files help to encapsulate TrueType fonts like Times Roman, Courier, Menlo, and Helvetica since 2009, precisely, since the release of the Mac OS Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6). Though gradually being replaced by the TrueType Collection format, it is very much supported by new Mac OS releases.
Technical detailsData Fork TrueType, or DFONT for short, is a select type of outline font standard, developed for Macs, as a parallel to Adobe's Type 1 fonts. DFONT is one of the many fonts that ship with Mac OS X. Being a proprietary resource, DFONT can only be found on Apple computers. In older Macs, the font data buffered to the processor as real-time information spends up software resources. Newer versions store font files solely in data files, accessed when needed, for this reason.
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