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Le format du fichier STI

L'extension de .sti
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Le programme principalLibre Office
DescriptionSTI format stands for Microsoft Windows Sticky Notes format. It is a file format used to store notes that can be created, edited, and displayed on the Windows desktop. The notes are saved in a file with an ".sti" extension.
Détails techniquesSTI files are a proprietary file format developed by Microsoft for its Sticky Notes application, which is included with Windows. The notes can be created by using the Sticky Notes app, which allows users to create notes and pin them to the desktop for quick access. The STI file format stores the contents of the note, including any text, images, or formatting, as well as information about the note's position on the desktop. The format is binary and is not human-readable. STI files can be opened and edited using the Sticky Notes app on Windows. The app allows users to create new notes, edit existing notes, and customize the color and formatting of notes. STI files can also be shared or imported/exported for backup purposes.